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Before you can get into BUD/S to start training, you need to pass the minimum requirements, including the BUD/S physical screen test.

Eyesight no worse than 20/40 in one eye and 20/70 in the other. Must be correctable to 20/20 with no color blindness. .
Minimum ASVAB score: VE+AR=104, MC=50.
Must be 28 years old or less.
Men only are eligible.
Must be a U.S. citizen. .
Must pass a diving physical examination, completed per Chapter 15, Section IV, Article 15-66 of the Manual of the Medical Department and signed by a DMO/UMO or HMO within one year.
Must present a medical record documenting that all immunizations and HIV results are up to date.
Must have your medical and dental records with an original or copy of the diving physical in your possession upon your arrival at BUD/S.
Any questions concerning medical data should be directed to the BUD/S Medical Department at (619) 437-0777 or DSN 577-0777.
Failure to meet the above medical requirements upon arrival at BUD/S will delay or prohibit training.


Time Limit
Rest Period
500 yard swim using breast and/or sidestroke 12.5 minutes 10 minute rest
Perform a minimum of 42 push-ups 2 minutes 2 minute rest
Perform a minimum of 50 sit-ups 2 minutes 2 minute rest
Perform a minimum of 6 pull-ups No time limit 10 minute rest
Run 1.5 miles wearing boots and long pants 11.5 minutes  

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It should be noted, though, that these are just the physical fitness standards required to gain entry to the training course. You will obviously need to have substantially higher fitness levels to make it through the entire training process and become a SEAL.

Physical Evolution
Required Time
First Phase
50 meter underwater swim Pass/fail
Underwater knot tying Pass/fail
Drown-proofing test Pass/fail
Basic lifesaving test Pass/fail
1200 meter pool swim with fins 45 minutes
1 mile bay swim with fins 50 minutes
1 mile ocean swim with fins 50 minutes
1.5 mile swim with fins 70 minutes
2 mile ocean swim with fins 95 minutes
Obstacle course 15 minutes
4 mile timed run 32 minutes
Post-Hell Week
2000 meter condition pool swim without fins Completion
1.5 mile night bay swim with fins Completion
2 mile ocean swim with fins 85 minutes
4 mile timed run in boots 32 minutes
Obstacle course 13 minutes
Second Phase
2 mile ocean swim with fins 80 minutes
4 mile timed run in boots 31 minutes
Obstacle course 10.5 minutes
3.5 mile ocean swim with fins Completion
5.5 mile ocean swim with fins Completion
Third Phase
Obstacle course 10 minutes
4 mile timed run in boots 30 minutes
14 mile run Completion
2 mile ocean swim with fins 75 minutes
Required academic standards on written tests
Officers 80% or above
Enlisted 70% or above

If you are serious about becoming a Navy SEAL, it will pay you enormously to enter into a proper physical fitness training programme BEFORE you get to BUD/S. For more information on achieving the required level of fitness, you can check out the SEAL workouts section.

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If you want to see the kind of thing that you will get up to as a SEAL, there is an awesome video which covers everything from weapons and training to live fire training exercises. It also has a few instructors explaining what they look for in a SEAL.

This video was good enough to be shown on the Discovery Channel!


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